Adil Memon

Iam an Electrical Engineer and Freelancer by Profession and Gadgets :) :D

I started taking interest in computers & internet, and I found it very interesting thing to learn because the real world was turning very fast towards information technology. I started learning computer & internet courses in 2007, And thus, after 7 years of continue struggles now I have some extensive knowledge about computers and internet. And this is the most valuable thing for me, I really respect it :)

recentlly iam working on Cyber Security &

Penetration Testing & really i loved this field due to some little bit support of my family i don't serve my time on Ethical Hacking,,,

i have some good knowledge about some online courses namely listed here:

Blogging(WordPress, Blogger, Content Writing)

Making Money Online (Online Teaching, Adsense, Affiliate Marketing & Freelancing)

SEO(Having Good knowledge in it)

Web Designing (HTML, CSS, JavaScript & jQuery)

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