Adrienne E Cooper

Small Business Owner in New York

Adrienne E Cooper

Small Business Owner in New York

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Last updated: 4/10/19

Myrtle & Willoughby has been released! You have to watch through to the very hilarious end of the web series if you want to catch yours truly!

I won an award! Check it out!

If you didn't know--I was out of the country for a few weeks and boy did I eat a lot! Here's a little preview about my Georgian culinary experience.

Food is my life. You may know me from my regular ramblings onI Love the Upper West

You could have come on one of my Food Tours in the wonderful city that I call my hometown, New York--perhaps you've heard of it. A food tour is where you learn about cool stuff while you eat. Often on your feet.

When I'm not on stage or in the streets, I write. You can check out my clippings. Or you can see any of my own personal bloggings here, here, here, here, here, here, and here. I am happy to provide specific samples upon request. On Comedywire, Pitch and a #Binder

Sometimes I do the acting thing.

My show The Food Funny is on hiatus for the time being.

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    • SUNY Delhi College of Technology, BBA in Hospitality Management