Adamo Crespi

Nocera Inferiore, Salerno, Napoli

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I'm about to graduate in Legal studies at Salerno University. I always cultivated interest in the relationship between Internet and law. I'm now deepening my legal studies about Italian privacy, entrepreneurship rules and e-commerce. Someone said about me "He expresses a rare case of lawyer with expertise in computer and Internet world". From the first time I turned on a PC (I was only 13 years old), I learned PHP, HTML and CSS, studied web marketing, AdWords, social networks and web sites' building tecniques. Now that i'm studing law (both italian and US) i can understand better their law implications. I grew up with the hacker's mentality and i love open source (less free software): i use Ubuntu on my net-book. As laptop i have a Mac: great machine! The operating system could be better. I'm a blogger: i write @ www.eCommerceRS.NET about law, e-commerce and all things i learn day by day. Blogging is a great idea! My blog:

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