Aeyshea Jones


Artist Statement

My paintings deal with my personal experiences, identity and memories, and how they become fragmented and dispersed over time. I am inspired by notions of these potentially fading reminiscences and how memories can so easily flood back into our awareness with the visual aid of photographs.

This is where the fragmentation and splicing of imagery comes into play within the paint. When I stumble on a box of old photographs I see so many memories that were sitting residually within my mind and there do not come back to me in any sort of chronological order. This stimuli induces flashbacks and fragmented recollections of times, events, places and emotions.

I use a collage process to replicate emotions or anxiety otherwise unscathed by the lull of time. Photographs from personal snapshots inform my paintings taken from ten years ago up until ten days ago. Imagery that was once comfortable becomes uncertain in the present, the juxtapositions of time zones creating ambiguous tensions for the viewer.

I work with a range of scale- small images are personal, easy to manipulate and spontaneous allowing me to capture fleeting ideas. The large scale canvases afford more physical space to explore the viscous materiality of paint and mark. They work as narratives, like visual diaries to document the chaotic nature of daily life.

  • Work
    • Digital Printer & Designer
  • Education
    • BA Hons Fine art & Painting