Visit my website is an online hair and beauty supply based in Switzerland. We specialized in afro hair products and natural hair products. My name is Esther Chimanga-Van Wesenbeeck. I created Afroshoppe to solve the problem of no access to quality afro hair products after moving to Switzerland from California in 2011.

When I moved to Switzerland, I found that people with afro hair dealt with lack of access to afro hair products by using very harsh chemical hair straighteners and/or wearing hair extensions and weaves. I felt it was important for natural afro haircare to be an option by supplying products that help to make afro hair manageable, healthy, shiny and beautiful, as well as providing a forum for giving information on the subject.

Afroshoppe makes it easy for naturalistas in Switzerland, Europe, Africa, and Australia to access top quality afro haircare products that use natural ingredients and avoid harsh chemicals and abrasives.

We ship worldwide. Shipping is free in Switzerland for orders over 25chf and we have low flat fee shipping costs to Europe. Email for questions about shipping.

You're unique! On, you will find products for your specific hair needs whether your hair is a beautiful afro, tight coils, or flowing waves. We also offer consultations to help you choose the right products for styling.

Socialize with other naturalistas in Switzerland by joining our meetup group: Swiss Naturalistas

Natural is the Ultimate beautiful! Let's Celebrate your natural Beauty!

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