Agapé Mission Church

Agapé Mission Church, a Christian community based in Elkridge, Maryland, offers its members a variety of opportunities to connect and grow with each other in this world. On its website,, the church highlights upcoming events tailored to the community's families, children and youth, the single adults and couples, along with the many college students who attend there.

In addition to offering a complete calendar of upcoming events, includes links filled with photos and facts about their past events that the members of Agapé Mission Church can browse through. Among the recent events is "The Sweeter the Journey," a conference that was held in July 2012 for the church and the sisters churches in the Fellowship of Agapé Churches. It was a time to come together in fellowship, worship, prayer, teaching, and ministry so that they could be refreshed and strengthened to continue living out their faith together.

One of the events that is most anticipated by the youngest members of the Agapé Mission Church community is the annual Vacation Bible School. Children in the Hiker, Explorer, and Mountaineer age groups gathered at "Camp Sonrise," an indoor venue built to resemble a park campground, for three days in August. All of the little "campers" had the opportunity to participate in crafts, singing, drama, and stories designed to minister to them in God's presence and encourage them in their personal relationships with God.

Another event highlighted on is the "Unencumbered Extravaganza 2," a getaway weekend for single adults. During this weekend, participants travelled to Wisp Resort at Maryland's Deep Creek Lake for an evening of worship and prayer, followed by a range of athletic, recreational, and relaxing activities during the day. Among the many activities were hiking, adventure courses, mountain biking, golfing, fishing, swimming, and spending time in the resort's spa. The weekend was a time when everyone from all the sister churches could enjoy their time together.

Agapé Mission Church also uses to provide an overview of its worship services and other regular activities that the community is involved in. Sister churches to this community are located in Pittsburgh; Raleigh-Durham; New York City; and Paris, France.