agata mouasher

Consultant, Educator, and Artist in Sydney, Australia

Hey there, I’m Agata.

As a brief life in the passing of Time, my labels include Consultant, Educator, Designer, Analyst, Social Change Advocate, Outsider Artist, and Provocative Introvert.

For over 15 years, I have worked for large corporations and small businesses, lectured at universities, co-founded a social enterprise, and sat on various Committees, Innovation Forums and Academic Boards.

In all this time I have learned that 'success' is a culturally-loaded concept, 'sustainability' and ‘success’ are not separable, and that authority is not truth. Truth is the only authority.

I am a fan of whole brain thinking, sustainability, pattern languages, social change, dismantling cultural boundaries, and great storytelling. I do this through my consulting, educational design and my art.

As an educator and designer, my philosophy is grounded in the conception that the student, the teacher, teaching, and learning, together form an indispensable, mutually reciprocated relationship of transformative learning. It is all connected.

As a consultant, I work towards improving a company's triple-bottom line, usually by helping with strategic positioning or improving operational efficiencies.

As an artist, my work is focuses mainly on abstraction of the metaphysical, as I seek to find a voice to express that which I cannot in words.

  • Work
    • Freelance Consultant/Educator
  • Education
    • Griffith University
    • Bond University
    • Universal Business School Sydney