Ahmad Zain


Web developer since 2006. Have been involved in various projects as a team member, one-man project and VOIP technologies and tools like PHP, MySQL, AJAX, JQuery, PHP OOP and frameworks (Symfony,Laravel), have good knowledge of best programming practices to create usable web apps. and solutions. I like working in a challenging environment cultures and ways of thinking, Always eager to learn about new technologies assist to improve my development skills and become able to add a value.

I can use PHP, MySQL,LAMP and XAMPP environment, PHP Framwork "Symfony Codignator" , JavaScript "JQuery", XHTML, CSS, XML, HG , GIT , PHP OOP, Design Patterns, DB analysis and design. OpenSource "drupal, wordpress" and Linux environment.

Founder of :

- TeQniaty (web and mobile creative solutions company)

- AntsHive (A peace for An Empire)

- Drupal Egypt (User Group for the most strong CMF & CMS)

Co-Founder at :

- Scouts Radio of BanhaCamp

- DigitalHealth (otlobdoctor.com)

Member of :

- Drupal Association (developer member).

- Ubuntu Egypt.

- Titanium Egypt Team.

- BlackBerry Egypt Team.


  • Work
    • CEO & Founder of TeQniaty