Ahmed Salah Rifky

Consultant, Writer, and Filmmaker in Egypt

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Ahmed Salah Rifky is the first Egyptian to design an intelligent social system and establish the science of social systems engineering.

Ahmed Salah Rifky has held senior leadership, administrative and research positions, including the position of Regional Director of Marketing Research in Egypt and North Africa at General Motors International, and the Consultant of the Ministry of Investment and International Cooperation, in the World Bank Group project to develop the One Stop Shop of the General Authority for Investment and Free Zones.

And Currently, he is:

- Chairman and CEO of OLA for engineering, commercial and legal consultancy.

- Director of social strategy of AZAD for media and film production.

- Author of the book “Art of the possible”.

In addition to his academic work at the Faculty of Engineering, October 6 University.

Ahmed Salah Rifky also carried out several social projects to fight poverty, disease and ignorance, including the development of the poorest Egyptian villages, the provision of professional services to women with special needs and the preparation of medical convoys to remote areas. And because most traditional charitable projects are temporary painkillers, the idea of ​​social systems engineering has come to solve social problems from its roots using the best scientific methods and engineering methods.

  • Education
    • Founder of Social System Engineering
    • Master of Mechatronics and Business Management
    • Bachelor of Science of Mechatronics Engineering