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If you need the most suitable artificial grass in Austin you have come to the perfect website. Ai Turf Austin - Artificial Grass is the perfect place to select an approved Turf company for your specific requirements. Drop by our website or call today to get a quick quote for your lawn.

- Turf for lawns big and small

- Dog validated artificial turf

- Commercial and Office Artificial Turf

- The ideal golf green turf

- Sports fields and play grounds

Ai Turf Austin – Artificial Grass

2411 Montopolis Dr, Austin, TX 78741, United States

(737) 204 4243

If you hope for artificial grass that is pet and dog compatible then give us a call one of our partners from Ai Turf Austin will help you.

All the materials are assured to last at the very least 25 years allowing you to make an entire recovery on your financial investment from the price savings you make in water and landscaping for normal grass.

Why Go With Artificial Grass for your property? There are many advantages:

- A grass that always looks amazing no matter the time of year

- No more cutting the lawn and shelling out money for landscapers

- Conserve water and plant food

- Have a lawn that your neighbours will want

You can start conserving right away, no more shelling out money for landscaping and maintenance.

To see the detailed product range and get the ideal turf for your property give us a call or fill out the form on our website.