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AIRPLANE Photography

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We capture The Moment for Your Vision!

Our specialty is to illuminate aircraft in real life.

"I like to think of Claes as a visionary. No other photographer - much less aviation photographer - on the planet has done what he has done." // Foreword to my book by Jay Miller, co-founder of the prominent International Society for Aviation Photography.

When you realize the advantage with real photography and a bright vision for attention, then imagine the highlighted customer exposure with our Airborne Flash Photography for the marine & aviation industry.

Our photography is the real deal and not computer generated images. The Algot-System for Airborne Flash Photography give us new creative advantages to mediate your vision in the real life.

Looking forward to hear your news and suggestions on possible photography assignments.

// Claes AxstålCarpe Momentum Photography

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Email: cax(at)

FYI: This photo was captured withCanoncamera & ourCMP A-System.

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