Al Alt

As the Vice Chancellor of Administrative Services for the Yuba Community College District, Dr. Al Alt works directly with the school’s facilities planning and construction, human resources, print services, fiscal services, and police services departments. Dr. Alt is also responsible for the supervision and distribution of the $45 million general fund and $200 million construction budget. Albert Alt, who is an advocate for fair access to higher education, has worked in the community college sector for nearly a decade. He has also participated in several continuing education courses to seek knowledge himself. Dr. Alt first took courses at George Washington University, which gave him a Master’s certificate in project management, in 2000. He later received the Chief Business Official Certificate I and II through the Association of Chief Business Officers, and Dr. Alt also attended the University of Southern California to obtain his School Business Management Certificate. This program concentrated on the best practices that have been put into use in the California public school management sector. Dr. Al Alt completed his Doctorate in Education Administration at Drexel University. He maintained an impressive 3.95 GPA at the school, and completed a dissertation titled “The Impact of Management Decision-making on Student Success in Community College: A Case Study” for this degree. He plans on graduating in summer 2012. Outside of his personal studies at Drexel University, Albert Alt serves the school’s Center for Graduate Studies as an affiliate faculty member for the Master of Science in Higher Education program. Over the course of his career, Dr. Alt has worked directly with government officials to enhance the efficiency of the community college system. In his free time, Dr. Al Alt enjoys playing golf and horseback riding.