Albert Grey

Student, Designer, and Small Business Owner in Missouri

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Hello there I am Albert Grey. Currently, I am an office manager at Heartland Medical Plaza in St Joseph Missouri. Even though Saint Joe has a poor economy we are among the fifty biggest businesses in the state and I think we are the largest employer in town. Every day I am making checklists, calling clients, taking charge of all my workers, and general ensuring whatever is running smoothly.

I am from Cape Girardeau, Missouri and went to Drury University in Springfield, Missouri. I majored in business but in college also became very interested in online marketing.

I am divorced and am have become involved in running. I am a big sports fanatic and love watching the Royals and Chiefs. I really like alternative music and have to admit that I will plug my ears and scream if I hear gangster rap! It is just nauseating. Anyway, I am into video gaming and in my extra time love to play my X Box.

While job still uses up most of my day, my deepest passion and primary focus in life besides my family is centered around business structure and enhancing profitability. I have a love for this area and appear to be blessed with the ability to easily see usual problems and provide suggestions.