Alberto Fabiano

+25 years of IT experience, today one consultant, was R & D Manager in one department of new technologies to cyber-security solutions, always attuned to innovation veins, trying materialize ideas into code, bits and real solutions.

in the past, not too far away, worked as cyber threat specialist working in Global Information Security Company.

and, I´m just another brazilian Security Researcher Enthusiast.

experience with security architecture, cyberthreat and malware analysis, application security applied, vulnerability research. I´m always programming, can be for research, security tests, analysis, code construction of professional system, harvesting for understand so better something, spreadsheet macros to refine a business report, test the limits or wanting to find some hole, bug, exploit writing or just for fun.

and work a lot in M2M telematics security, system programming, automation & control, telocation, Security Policy Development, Intrusion Detection, Threat Analysis, security development, automotive telematics, analysis and development with GSM/UMTS Services & Protocols, GIS technologies, embedded systems, gateway and gatekeepers, high scalability with high concurrency systems, protocol design, systems architectures applied to development to side-server and client-server applications for sensors networks, alarms systems, M2M, SCADA platforms, automotive telematics. Kernel development for Device Drivers and System Programming in embedded systems, high level Linux, Windows, embedded bare-metal and RTOS, network security, research and development, protocol analysis and tools for troubleshootings, development and anothers goals. Tunning and accuracy detection toolset development, protocol binary and malwares reverse engineering, embedded appliances, servers, utilities, telocations solutions deployment and security systems.

DIY hardware hobyst .

co-founder of Garoa Hacker Clube and Co0L Security BSidesSP, has been involved with user groups a few years as GU-SEC (Security), GruPy-SP (Python), C & C++ Brasil, Portal Embarcados (Embedded Systems) and others, having created and/or worked in the organization of some technical events since 1998.