Sara Alblooshi

United Arab Emirates

24 of age ..

Studied English Literature and I am willing to continue studying ..

I like writing, not professional enough though. .

Here's what I wrote recently :

I see your phantom.. in dawn suddenly loom..looking at me sees me as a lover not enemy.. seems it sad.. is it real or is it fad.. Seems it is lost.. bother not for I will be forever your host ..

Tick tick tick tick.This sound makes me sick.O, time you so fast so magic.Time I beg you to stop this tick .I beg you to stop making me so pathetic..


The moon is an enemy of mine.. It follows me .. it always around..I cant reach you but it's fine..You as well cant touch the ground..You are way too far, you are just a sign..No one can harm me not you not even the wind's sound ..

I was one of thoes people who complain all the time, actually i am still one sometimes! You have to admit your mistakes so you can figure it out and then you will be able to break it (gradually you will).When people complain, I mean when me and people, we blame others of what happend to us we always put the blame in other's hand and saying they gave it to us, this is their curse!One day, my sister told me (You have to stop complaining because when you do, you drag all the nigative thoughts and things will hit you in return and besides no one is ready to hear other people's problems even if it was your sister! Since then I cleared my mind and start to think in a different perspective that what my sister said is totally right, I put it this way (I can not stand anyone complaining the whole day becuase they sent me their negativity and will bring more bad things when you already had enough)! Then why should I!

Never too late to quit this ugly habit.Time to stop complaining and start with Gratitude.

Fare you well my dear.. For staying next to me ..For keeping me with No fear..Without you I feel I am drawning in a sea..I feel insane just like king Lear.. Is it love Or is it just a sympathy!!

I am way too far cuddling the cloud.. I don't want to fall on the ground.. I hate people they are too loud.. I am enjoying the view and the wind's sound.. Up here happeness, love and life those what I found ..

I like to see the darkness in the sky.. This view makes me fly.. The stars are stick to the sky.. It makes me feel i am already up high.. While the wind let the clouds pass by.. People watching each other always keep an eye.. Me? Well i am just a stars's spy.. They ca

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