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What is Alzheimer’s? This is a memory impairment which progress over time. Aside from memory loss, the person will also have slow intellectual process and even personality changes. The symptoms will also varyaccording to the stage of one’s illness. In stage 1, the person will have no problem with one’s memory. Hence, he is oriented, communicates well, has good judgment and can do his normal daily routine. Hence, one is still productive and functioning normally at this stage. When one progresses to stage two, there will be lapses in the person’s memory but this still go unnoticed. It is not until stage 4 when one’s Alzheimer is noticed. This is because the person keeps on forgetting important things and there are alterations in one’s behavior and communication patterns. When stage 4 approaches, the person will withdraw one’s self from the crowd. And there is a decline in one’s ability to remember events. One can be less productive as well and can’t even perform one’s mathematical skills.

In stage 5, even one’s contact information is forgotten. The person is also disoriented in place and time. He will even find it hard to attend his own hygiene need, prompting for special care from someone else. Instage 6. The person starts to wander, brought about by one’s declined awareness of environment and event. He can’t remember the name of his spouse. He experiences bowel and bladder incontinence as well. Stage 7 is the latest stage. Basic motor skills shut down and conversation is very limited. The person now requires total care at this stage. Alcoeur Gardens is the best place to live if you or your love one has Alzheimer’s. This is commended for their great service. You can go here to learn more.So visit this website today. They have the best assisted living facilities these days.