Alexa Blair Wayne NJ

Wayne, NJ

A designer with a background in production management in the fashion industry, Alexa Blair is based in New Jersey. In her position as Assistant Designer with Randa Accessories, Alexa Blair is involved in the development and creation of designs for products such as handbags and luggage for well-known brands such as Anne Klein, Diane von Furstenberg, and Liz Claiborne. Ms. Blair also holds responsibilities for the Nine West brand of women’s accessories. Additionally, she functions as the firm’s main point of contact with the manufacturing facilities for brands, making certain that production proceeds as scheduled and a reliable supply of quality materials is maintained.

Based near Wayne, NJ, Alexa Blair has previously served as Assistant Designer at Jones New York, where she played an important role in the creation of the Fall 2012 collection for the Energie Girls line of clothing. In this position, she also spent time visiting shops in New York City’s garment district to liaise with them on sample production.

Alexa Blair joined Jones New York shortly after earning a Bachelor of Science in Production Management and Related Industries from the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York City. Her years at FIT were characterized by academic excellence, as evidenced by her consistent inclusion on the dean’s list as an undergraduate student. She maintained a busy schedule as a student at FIT, holding design or intern jobs in the industry while attending school.

As a professional, Ms. Blair follows fashion closely, and she hopes to develop her own line of clothing and an associated website. Outside work, Ms. Blair is a fitness enthusiast and enjoys the fine arts. She also plays the guitar as well as the piano.

  • Work
    • Randa Accessories Co
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    • Fashion Institute of Technology