Alexander Nizhniy

Austin, Tx


Alexander Nizhniy is the founder of Green Fiddle Violins, aka Since 2001, Green Fiddle is a hub for designing, building, trading and restoring quality violins for music performers around the world.

A violin maestro and a manufacturer/master, Alexander Nizhniy manages an award-winning team of four shop specialists and two engineers who collaborate to not only make violins of the highest caliber but also invent new materials for music instrument fabircation that are sustainable, recyclable, non-abrasive and ecologically friendly. This is a smart, modern approach to making string instruments while caring about Planet Earth – violins that are stronger, less expensive, and perform more consistently as they respond less to changes in humidity and temperature.


The Green Fiddle team services the needs of violinists in the United States and abroad who demand the highest quality from their instruments: Alexander Nizhniy and his team make violins that are played by leading maestros around the world, from New York to London, to Tokyo.


Alexander Nizhniy has been playing and working with violins since his childhood. He was born in Eastern Europe into a family of amateur musicians, who enabled him to study music since the age of five. He first learned to play piano and started taking violin lessons at the age of eight to follow in the footsteps of his older brother. By the age of 11, Alexander Nizhniy mastered vibrato and build a repertoire of over 30 concertos – from Viotti to to Prokofiev, to Liszt. When he turned 12, his family came to the United States, and he continued learning and performing professionally ever since. Alexander Nizhniy has played for the Denver Philharmonic Orchestra, for Dallas Symphony Orchestra, for Seattle Philharmonic Orchestra, and for Boston Philharmonic Orchestra, among others. Finally, in 2001, Alexander Nizhniy decided to dedicate his music career to making violins, which is when Green Fiddle was born. Alexander is not only an acclaimed violinist and violin maker, but also a world music aficionado, connoisseur of advanced materials technologies and a civil rights activist.

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  • Work
    • Dallas Symphony Orchestra
  • Education
    • Brandeis University
    • Boston University