Alexei Blagirev

Chief Data Officer, Enerpreneurship, and Co-founder in Москва, Россия

Alexei Blagirev

Chief Data Officer, Enerpreneurship, and Co-founder in Москва, Россия

Scout, Dreamer, Researcher, Experimenter, Data Evangelist just a little piece of me.

Deeply explored multiple sacred areas of Banking and FCMG in multidirectional roles and always touched data. Any products and business lines. The most excited still is to work with people.

Been CDO @ OtkritieBank.

Through my experience, I was taking different roles for different functions (sales, operations, finance, etc) with different companies (incl. large institutions).

Sometimes it is hard, because you need to "sell" and to communicate your ideas to others (incl. Board Members) and all your colleagues. You need to act in the very dynamic environment, need to brake the mind barriers and to take bold decisions, this requires special tactics.

Always enjoy to learn new things, to network with people and to understand their needs and syncronise it to the business strategy and to protect shareholders value.

The key in the end is to overcome yourself, be calm and dream big.

I do coaching. A lot.

I teach my team to follow design thinking when they dealing with issues, ideating and prototyping again and again, untill they pass it through the major pain and will find correct answer of why it happen and how to deal with it by heart.

I also do sport and respect those who consisently no matter how tough is their schedule just do it on the regular basis.

Finally, I do startups and initiatives that enable people interact and deal with system issues (funding, data, insights).

You can check the latest one - PETAMelon, insights marketplace

I am always open for new contacts and can help to deal with various data issues.

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  • Education
    • Russian State University of Innovation and Business