Alexis Marie

“Acting: Being truthful in Imaginary Circumstances.“ Having to grow up at a young age, Alexis was sure of one thing: she wanted to be a star. By the way she sang the in the mirror and memorized whole movies it was apparent that this little girl had a passion for performing. Getting awards left from right she had one goal which was to get in the University of Northern Colorado’s Theatre Program. No one from her high school has ever been a theatre major at that school their freshman year and she was bound and determined. So the year she auditioned over 1000 people from all over the U.S. auditioned but only 20 make it and she made it. Thinking she was living the dream Alexis’ mother got sick and drove Alexis out of her program and at her mom’s bed side. Not giving up hope, Alexis to this day is more willing and determined more than ever to make her dreams come true. With every 2 steps back she takes 5 steps forward. Now being represented by the lovely Christine Grant at Eden Talent Agency in Lakewood, CO, she is on the right path to making her dreams real.