Had a childhood that is enough for my entire life...

You can never find the true short stories I write, because they're written with water and rain clutters them every time. Like an imaginary writer, my books will not get published…
But you can always read what I feel, my visions, and comments on daily life.

A reader and a music taster that lately has found the chance to retrieve some of my sportive hobbies; Basketball, a bit of tennis and swimming (or walking) in the pool!

Originally an ITC Engineer, who never worked as one; Winds of life misled me to Media, and there I am finding my hidden treasures. I'm a TV and media producer for cultural programs, also I worked as a Middle East affairs and business development specialist in Istanbul.

My interests in English Language and literature made me also a freelance translator and interpreter for some magazines and special intellectual groups who visit the country.

I moved on August 2014 to work with an international NGO as an interpreter and chef of translators. Having mentioned chef, I enjoy cooking so much!

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