Allan Marston

Business Growth Strategist and Cardio Screening Technician (Certified) in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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Allan is a successful entrepreneur and businessman who is on a quest for sustainable eradication of poverty through entrepreneurship and financial education.

Allan is also a writer and has published pieces on blogs and digital news media like Troy Media where he was a Business Columnist and at Beacon News.

He loves technology, social media, marketing, the Internet in general and anything to do with Apple.

Allan loves children, family, reading, playing guitar and life in general. Allan co-founded Humanity’s Promise a non-profit that raises leaders and builds character in youth through sports in 3rd world countries.

In Business Allan is a seasoned and successful corporate executive heading up departments in Business Development, Sales, Marketing, Human Resources and was the CEO of his own Silicon Valley company. (Connect with Allan on LinkedIn:

Even though he has worn many hats in his career, sales and sales management has always given him the greatest joy. He has a unique ability to create instant rapport whether it is in a one on one situation or speaking to large audiences.

Allan is also a successful network marketer and is always striving to encourage professionalism in the industry. He believes that network marketing if done correctly is one of the most powerful resources to create wealth for anyone in any profession.

Allan's 40 years of business and entrepreneurial experience has taught him that his professional value boils down to the following :

- Lots of people have big ideas.

- Execution is what matters and Allan executes 6 Startups - 1 successful exit - 2 ongoing

- Allan doesn't care who gets credit. He likes wining and he often does.

"I don't care who gets the fame, just give me the fortune." An original Allan Marston quote

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