Allan Reiver

As the owner of the Elizabeth Street Gallery in New York, Allan Reiver displays a curated collection of extraordinary works of art, many of which he discovered through 50 years of travels spanning the globe. Allan Reiver seeks out pieces that are unique and exceptional and reflect his personal aesthetic. This is exemplified by the care and attention that went into the furnishings and decor of his residence.

Mr. Reiver earlier served as the president of Realities, Inc., in Denver for nearly two decades prior to establishing his current business in New York. The antique dealership salvaged decorative artifacts from buildings set to be demolished. Coining the term “architectural antiques,” he expanded from operating a one-man business into a larger company that undertook renovation-focused real estate development projects.

Mr. Reiver relocated to New York in 1989 and sought out the ideal residence by searching undervalued properties in Manhattan. He found an ideal property at 210 Elizabeth Street in a disused plating factory. Across the street was a large vacant trash filled parcel of land. In late 1990 he leased the parcel from the City of New York and cleaned and fenced it. He planted grass , trees and shrubbery. He displayed antique statuary and garden ornamentation in this garden. In 2005 he purchased a 19th-century firehouse and opened Elizabeth Street Gallery. Allan Reiver’s gallery stands next to the sculpture garden that encompasses approximately one/half an acre.