Alun Wyn Griffiths

Alun Griffiths is Welsh/Romanchial He taught at Sciences Po!, Aix, ENSAM Marseille & L'Instutut Supérieure Marseille Cadenelle, EDSVS AMU & UNISIG Bra. Lived in Marseille since 1994, before he was Senior Lecturer/Researcher in Urban Land Economics @ Sheffield Hallam University, U.K. then "fled thatcherism ». Son of a Welsh Miner, born in London, aged 11 he won a scholarship to Leeds Grammar School. After school He worked in hotels in France (Sofitel Quiberon et Porticciu before a BSc (IIi) in Urban Land Economics at Trent Polytechnic. Eschewing an offer to read for a PhD in Land Economy at Cambridge University, he worked in Social Housing, Sheffield, then the Cabinet at Oxford City Council for the current mayor, returning to Sheffield as operations director for the largest neighbourhood regeneration project in the U.K. In 1990 he gained a MSc in Urban Renewal and Design at Liverpool John Moores University. Moving to France in 1994 he gave conferences at the Sorbonne etc, was invited researcher in two C.N.R.S. Research Institutes, C.I.E.U. Toulouse Mirail and C.E.R. Poitiers) He has also worked in Multimedia, in Media and Knowledge Management, for the World Water Council, a Multinational company and an International N.G.O. in London and Paris, directed an E.U. funded environmental economics action research project between the U.K., Germany and Belgium. Now retired but was a freelance trainer, researcher and consultant his current research interests span Ecological Economics applied to the City, (@ Celtic pre history/culture and other philosophical/mystical contributions to the search for « Right Livelihood. » Not a prolific publisher much but hopes to improve « tomorrow ! » He contributes to Radio ZinZine a local radio station in Aix-en-Provence, and LongoMai, is also developing a practical « zero carbon » small holding in Piedmont, Italy, and is active in alter globalisation, ecological politics and Welsh Independence/YesCymru ; Alun played rugby at international level (U20) but today is happy to be a passionate follower of Welsh Rugby, he loves cooking, plays Jazz trumpet/piano etc is learning Moroccan Castanets. He would like to play more music and write more poetry than he currently does. Ambitions include giving his inaugural lecture In Welsh at the « Collège de France" ...He loves his Stepdaughter Gabriella very much. 1 major regret, not staying in Cuba after a visit in 1993, where he 'failed' an interview at Havana University