Amanda Dallas

Community Manager, Commissioner, and Editor-in-Chief in New Jersey

I'm outspoken. I'm also rather charming, occasionally uncoordinated, witty and generous.

I have a few talents such as managing large teams in a way that motivates the average person to be extraordinary; clicking a button and capturing a moment fit for a frame; and constructing the English language in a consumable format.

I've amassed an odd collection of talents and passions in my 26 years, but, together, these odd and ends—and a few amazing people—have brought to life Major League Quidditch. They have, additionally, made me the ideal candidate for a position that wears many hats: videographer, event planner, manager, writer, photographer, etc.

But I am, in short, a human being, and I will grant you my loyalty and respect if you grant me the same in return.

  • Education
    • New York University