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Create a Multi-Room Cluster for Music

One of the more modern skills that Alexa has adopted is multi-room music.

This can allow you to combine Echo devices and play music across them - nice for parties. Head into the Amazon Alexa app and head into the good home section. Here. you will see devices, teams, and scenes.

Tap the team's tab > add cluster. you will see the choice for "Amazon Multi-Room Music Group". Faucet this and provides the A name, then you will see all the devices you'll increase that cluster.

Then simply say "play music [group name]" and you've got multi-room expertise.

Sadly, you cannot use third-party Alexa devices (like the UE Megablast) in an exceedingly multi-room team.

Change the default music service

The Echo is compatible with a spread of music services, not simply Amazon's own.

If you'd rather use Spotify, head into the Alexa app > Settings > Music & Media. during this section, you'll link music accounts and choose the default.

Then, once you say "Alexa, play Phil Collins" it'll use Spotify instead of Amazon Music, for instance.

Tip: download Alexa app by visiting here

Play a song you do not apprehend

If you have a tune up your head and you recognize a number of the words, making an attempt singing them to Alexa.

Alexa can recognize that song and supply to play the version you truly wish. "Alexa, Here Comes Santa Clause.

Here Comes Santa Clause" can supply the superman version of Winter Wonderland, you'll then simply fire the Snoop Dogg version (do it).