Amber Shearer

I have many passions in life. I love to read a great mystery novel, I am a complete chocoholic, I can carry a tune pretty well, and I have an unwavering devotion to my family. On a professional level, however, I have spent the last few years finding my voice in the world of Higher Education. Just like any career path, my journey has been filled with laughter, excitement, hair pulling moments, an occasional cry of frustration and joy, and a sense of achievement from helping others find their light-bulb moments.

When speaking with potential students, I hear reoccurring themes of survival and desire to improve. So many students are without employment and/or higher education, trying to live up to the expectations of our “societal” model of success, and struggling to find their voices in this world.

Although I have heard many times from my students that I made a difference in their lives, I find this to be the complete inverse. The raw reality before me when speaking with a student, who wants to make a change in his or her life, inspires ME to be a better person. This is the driving force that helps kick my butt out of bed in the morning...of course not without coffee!