AmeriClerkships Medical Society

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Hospitals and medical practices need talented residents in order to provide qualified, safety-conscious care to patients, and AmeriClerkships helps these institutions to make informed decisions in selecting their residents. Rising medical professionals need an opportunity to bring their talents to active work, and AmeriClerkships assists these individuals in furthering their medical careers.

Based in Irvine, California, but operating throughout the United States, AmeriClerkships pairs clinical trainees with teachers in the form of qualified attending physicians. AmeriClerkship also places its clients with hospitals, residency programs, and hospitalist groups. Well known in medical networks, AmeriClerkship is active in more than 160 American metropolitan areas, including Atlanta, New York City, and Baltimore. Through its varied services, AmeriClerkship links clients to studies in more than 43 different branches of medicine.

AmeriClerkships ensures that it represents qualified clients through its multistep screening examinations. By focusing its support on individuals who have already completed portions of the United States Medical Licensure, AmeriClerkships allows clients to apply directly for primary care residency programs. AmeriClerkships believes it is these individuals who can take full advantage of the company’s extensive network of qualified, practicing physicians.

Utilizing a dedicated staff of Clinical Development Experts, Clinical Officers, National Clinical Coordinators and Residency Strategists, AmeriClerkships hones its connections with medical institutions and clients in order to offer the best opportunities available. This system has given AmeriClerkships a record of more complementary pairings within the United States than any other agency. A leader to its peers on many fronts, AmeriClerkships has also assisted more International Medical Graduates, or IMGs, in achieving American medical licensure than any other placement organization.

Public testimonials posted to its website bear witness to AmeriClerkships’ professional ability and personal service. Doctors write from all over the world to recognize and appreciate the support they have received and to share the medical positions that AmeriClerkships helped them reach.