Amy Bradley-Hole

I'm Lucille Bluth, Patsy Stone, and Claire Dunphy, all in one body.

I own a gourmet Italian food company. I write on the side.

I avoid duties, responsibilities, and taking anything seriously.

I am an optimist, because the alternative would be depressing. If we're not here to be happy and make others happy, then what's the point? Make me laugh, and I'll be loyal to you forever.

I watch too much TV, listen to too much music, and read too many books. (That's a lie -- there's no such thing as too much TV, too much music, or too many books.)

I'll travel anywhere, any time. There's no such thing as a bad trip, either. I don't even mind airports, because if I'm at one, that means I'm going somewhere.

And no matter what, I always keep going.