Andaiye Scott

A native of Washington D.C. Andaiye has lived and performed internationally her destinations including Europe, Japan, Brazil, Canada and the Caribbean. She studied voice, drama and dance at the Los Angeles School for the Performing Arts (LACHSA) and honed her technique as a lead singer with internationally known World Beat artist Toby Foyeh & Orchestra Africa and the Washington DC based neo-funk band Devine Nature. She recorded, performed and toured internationally with Toby Foyeh from 2002-2006 and lead the band Devine Nature on an award winning run from 2000-2005 on the Budweiser True Music and Emergenza Music Festival circuits.

Andaiye’s has a vast musical repertoire that includes jazz, neo-soul, folk, gospel and funk and has lended background vocals to such national acts as Ledisi, Sylver Logan Sharpe, and Al Johnson. She is an award winning songwriter and choreographer, and gives back to her community as evidenced by her 10 plus years experience working with seniors and youth in the arts.

She received her Bachelor’s of Arts in Music and Dance Performance from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, and her Masters of Arts in Integrated Arts Education from the University of Montana, Missoula.

She is scheduled to release her much anticipated 3rd CD entitled STORYVILLE in May 2013. She currently resides in the DC Metropolitan area with her husband, two beautiful daughters and their family dog named “Jazz”.