Andrea Grassi

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I grew up in the suburbs: rows of houses in B, C and B/C models with names that were inspired by bucolic settlements in 18th century England, green grass so manicured we had "a guy" who specialized in hedging, and annual neighborhood cookie exchanges. But for a town that is made for fitting in, I like to think the Grassis never did. Sure we had a B style house, but we had "our own grass guy" and my mom just purchased her cookies for the exchanges because "who has time to bake 150 god damn cookies that people won't even eat for fear of razor blades."

What does this have to do with my communications style? Everything. I have written for tv, radio, blog, magazine and newspaper about things like: brand character, diagnostic imaging, championship pillow fighting, nerdcore music, being single, #cornpoetry, James Brown, fiction (and written some too), Spanish sea salt, athlete's foot, and more. (Wow!)

My training is backed by over five years of field experience and an Hon. B.A. from the University of Toronto for the study of Professional Writing Communications, English Literature and Psychology. I am a recent Master's of Information graduate from the University of Toronto's iSchool for the study of LIS and Culture and Technology.


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