Andrei Avădănei

Bucharest, Romania

Andrei is the founder and the CEO of DefCamp, one of the most important hacking & INFOSEC events in Romania.
Throughout the six years he has been involved in the IT domain, Andrei has been awarded at numerous national and international competitions of web and software programming, algorithmics and security.
His passion for web security developed in the first few months he got involved in the IT domain, but it increased during the last 6 years when he realized how important this domain is.
Among other things, he owns the IT blog dedicated to Romanian audience,, and he is involved in various projects and initiatives.
He also is President at Cyber Security Research Center from Romania. Andrei spotted the gap Romania has in the INFOSEC domain and got down into business.

  • Work
    • Cyber Security Research Center from Romania
  • Education
    • Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Bucharest