Andrew Gallagher

Writer in Manchester, United Kingdom

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Hi, I am an author which simply means I get to control events and people on paper. I would get in serious trouble for doing it in real life. Checkout 27 was my first venture in to the publishing world and I am completing my second book as we speak. The working title is "I think my girlfriend is a spice girl" Shakespeare would have loved it!

(Checkout 27's working title was 'No I don't have a dam loyalty card!')

During those times I cannot write I love Horse Racing and have owned a couple of horses myself over the years. I play golf taking a huge number of shots which must be good? BBQ with friends, a drink or two and films, I love watching films. Why Not Ask Me A Question? I Don't Bite. I'm a lover not a fighter. Oh yes, I steal embarrassingly stupid lines from songs as well! Read the book and have a laugh with me or at me, your choice.

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