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Naples Fl

The primary mission of AHIA Investment Advisors Naples Florida is the achievement of our clients' individual financial goals and objectives. We provide highly customized and cost efficient services to individuals, including businesses, trust accounts, non-profit organizations and small employer pension plans. Our accounts range from modest portfolios to multi-million dollar trusts with more complex circumstances. It is our belief that all clients deserve a high level of service without the high-end costs. Being a fee based advisor, our own success is contingent upon the achievement of our clients' goals. As a Registered Investment Advisor, we have a fiduciary duty to always act in the best interests of our clients.

Investment Management - Investment Advisors Naples Florida
We customize our clients' portfolios by utilizing individual stocks, bonds, various index and mutual fund holdings, and where appropriate, alternative investment strategies. Our cash-flow based wealth management philosophy, which we describe as the "needs matched portfolio", partitions the portfolio into short, intermediate and long-term goals and then matches the investment strategy appropriate to achieving the specific goal. In addition, AHIA is one of the few registered investment advisors in Southwest Florida that offers expertise in socially responsible investing and sustainable portfolio management practices.

Specialties:Integrated portfolio management of Bonds, Stocks, Commodities, Cash.
Socially Responsible Investing.
Political research.
Elder care planning