Andy Mosedale

Consultant, Small Business Owner, and Father in Barnet, Vermont

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MIS is an integrated business, which supports cloud computing, infrastructure and technical business planning, I am involved with computer hardware/software project management, network appliance integration, computer peripheral maintenance and I have been fortunate to collaborate on multiple technically diverse projects, and am versed in consulting technological translation.

From fabricating low voltage autonomous gas analysis systems in remote environments, to retrofitting a bicycle with model rocket engines. I focus on creating things that are both useful, eye opening and fun. I deconstruct old technology and form it into useful creative things. I have variety of cascading ideas in the design schedule most currently a waste plastic bottle shredder: #Shredderbot. At MISmakers we investigate new and current technologies regarding software control, remote connectivity and innovation. My interest in innovation is not only about the product but also a process that is a springboard into new ideas and trends that propels learning, and fosters entrepreneurship.

Mosedale Integrated Solutions has a broad range of technical experiences acquired over15 years as a professional in rural/remote outside fieldwork, boardroom meetings and project planning, Andy Mosedale does it all – one call can make a difference.
  • Work
    • CTO Mosedale Integrated Solutions
  • Education
    • University of New Hampshire
    • Johnson State College