Angel Vicioso

First off, I live in Connecticut. I go to Center for Global Studies at Brien McMahon high school and its my freshmen year.This past fall season I was on the cross country team for the school. Cross country is a running sport, its long distance and usually ran on a grass field or inside the woods like at a park or something. In that sport I actually did very well ! I won first place for the freshmen race. The race was FCIACs championships. The FCIAC is the athletic conference were in covering most of the schools inside Fairfield County. The moments of that day were exciting and great. I even got interviewed(which has never happened to me before) because of my victory along with a record-breaker. I also play basketball and am very excited for this upcoming season. Basketball was my first sport ever and remains my favorite. The try-outs for the team are on the weekend and those have been getting me excited. I plan to run again in the spring season for the track and field team. Besides all those talks about athletics I am interested in other things too. I find SOME subjects in school fun but my favorite is my Chinese language class. I already know English and Spanish so I now get the chance to learn another language. Its been a challenge in this class but the type of challenge you can enjoy. Its a class you HAVE to be prepared for (for me) and I like that. Its a class that you are encouraged to talk to your friends but in Chinese. Another thing that I like is Business. I am very interested in the stock market. Its almost weird to really like that at my age. But if you are, there's this application called "Stock Wars", no matter what your age its a great experience. The app simulates stock trading like the real world. Business for me is exciting and really can define a person. On TV I'm usually watching sports, news , and business like things.The economy to me is very exciting to me and quite a topic to talk about. It can be a mind swirling thing to talk about when you talk about investments. One of the places I admire the most is Silicon Valley in California close to Palo Altos.