Bailey and Kevin.

UPDATE: We've got the money! :D Thank you to all who helped. <3 We're still working out the legal stuff but we're aiming on Kevin visiting in November. Just in time for my birthday & Thanksgiving. :D Any further donations will go towards money for things to do, entertainment & food of course. Donate here:

We're young & in love. Despite the distance. :) 5,000 miles away, from Texas to Holland. We met on Twitch & have been inseparable ever since. :) Our dream? Is to finally get to be together. Hold each other, kiss each other.. <3 Money is very tight for both of us right now, so we appreciate all the help we've gotten from people while live streaming. :) We try to give back to the community as much as we can by entertaining & motivating people. As well as helping people with games. I'd like to give a very big thank you to those who have been supporting us. :) We appreciate it more than you'll everrrrr know. For real. :) I cannot waitttt till we get to finally see each other. <3 It'll make everything so worth it. After we meet, we're planning on staying together. Whether he moves here to America or I move to the Netherlands. :D If you'd like to support us, please do. :) Everything helps a ton. Whether it's donating, RT our streams or just stopping by them sometimes!

Donation goal: $1200

Current donation amount: $450

Current total: $1000