Angie Wentz

My name is Angie, I have 19 years and I am Mexican, I love music and I love listening to Fall Out Boy as I like country music is fun, I am a fan of romantic comedy movies, romance and terror. University study and I'm in love with my career, committed to being different from others and have a better world! I hate gossip, silly fights and stupid people, if we have internet, food, music, because there are people doing drugs, stealing, drinking and so on. seriously I find life very beautiful and I feel fortunate to be in this world. I want to know New York, England & Holland. I do not seek perfection in a person, I just need a guy with silly things make me laugh (: family, friends and my boyfriend are the best of life and want to keep forever ♥ I Love Pete Wentz♥ I Love Yeu Wentz ♥ I Love FOB ♥