Anita Wormly

Consultant, Software Engineer, and Personal Trainer in St. Louis, Missouri

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Greetings! I am Anita and I am an office supervisor at St Anthony's Acute Rehab Ctr in St Louis Missouri. As one of the biggest companies in the state of MO I am an extremely busy person, but really like that. Every day I am making checklists, calling customers, taking charge of all my employees, and overall seeing to it whatever is running smoothly.

I was raised in Moberly, MO and graduated from Grantham University in Kansas City, Missouri. I studied Software Engineering but also while in college also became very interested in business development.

I am married with two wonderful kids and take organic foods very seriously as I have done extensive reading on the dangers of pesticides - especially glycophosphate!! . I am a big sports fanatic and am addicted to the Cardinals and Wizards. My taste in music is most definitely alternative and even 5 notes of gangster rap makes me ill! I am a gamer and in my free time love to play my Wii.

While work still takes up most of my day, my actual passion and major emphasis in life besides my family is in business building, entrepreneurship and enhancing profits. I have a love for this area and appear to be blessed with the capacity to quickly see issues that insiders often miss and love to help with my God given insight.