Ankit Duggal

real estate developer and real estate investor in East Rutherford, New Jersey

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My Mission: To help educate and develop investors for creative asset classes that provide consistent risk-adjusted returns to their overall investment portfolio.

Ankit is currently the Creative Leader, Strategist and REOC Operating Lead for Real Estate Renaissance, LLC (RER), an innovative real estate investment and consulting firm specializing in cyclical and growth-oriented real estate investments within the tri-state region, where he balances community impact, partnership, and growth and development to turn around and grow real estate portfolios throughout New Jersey, Florida, Puerto Rico, Panama, and Dominican Republic.

At RER, Ankit manages the Investment and Asset Management functions, which has a diversified focus with a primary investments on student housing and NNN assets combined with a secondary investment focus on creative space use market strategies within the condominium and townhouse asset classes. In 2013, Real Estate Renaissance Group partnered with Anbar Group LLC and has gained a foothold into the tax lien asset class and achieved success by earning 12%+ per year for its members and investors.

Ankit is well seasoned in the field of real estate (brokering, banking, title, and consulting) and experienced in facilitating all dimensions of the real estate business model. Prior to his current role, Ankit Duggal was involved in structuring complex capital stack investments secured against residential and commercial value add projects during his tenure at private equity firms, Real Estate Renaissance (in its first iteration) and Southern Bridge Capital.

Previously, Ankit managed the Development and Capital Market functions within Capodagli Property Company, a family-owned vertically integrated real estate development and operating company with a primary investment focus on developing transit oriented Class A multifamily assets across New Jersey.

In addition to his work in real estate, he also serves as an advocate for ongoing education. Ankit boasts an MBA in Finance from Montclair State University and a Masters in Real Estate from New York University. Ankit is also a Board of Advisor member and an adjunct professor at the Montclair State University Real Estate Program.

  • Work
    • Real Estate Investing and Consultation
  • Education
    • MBA-Finance, M.A. (Real Estate Finance)