Ann Corcoran

When the migrant numbers reach a critical mass, and they are almost there now, America will be changed forever.

This year I'll be writing about illegal and LEGAL immigration and the promoters of mass migration to America on both the political Left and the elite/corporate/crony Right because nothing else matters but this.

I've been following migration issues since 2007 when I first became aware of the UN/US State Department Refugee Admissions Program and the danger it poses for America.

For eight years, my blog Refugee Resettlement Watch covered those dangers as well as the cost to the US taxpayer. You can see it by going here:

But, the threat to our sovereignty from uncontrolled migration to America is much larger than the refugee program.

And, so, in this critical year for America---2016---I'm addressing the crisis of uncontrolled migration from all sources and how the Presidential election of 2016 is, I believe, the most pivotal election since the founding of our great nation.

If we choose the wrong President, especially as it relates to Muslim migration to America, we are doomed! The Hijra will be so far advanced by 2020, it will never be reversed.

A major focus of this one year blog will be those working on the Left to destroy the America we know and love---the archenemies---those groups and individuals who make up the No Borders Left and the Islamic supremacists who have teamed-up through the Democrat Party to destroy Western civilization and with it our Judeo-Christian heritage.

On the Right we will be exposing the corporations (many of them foreign corporations!) and their money-grubbing GOP supporters of globalization working to destroy America by flooding your communities with cheap immigrant labor.

Why am I writing a blog for one year? Because I believe with all my heart that 2016 is the tipping point---we either win or lose America itself this year!

It is up to you! Join the Resistance! Get involved in Election 2016 at the local, state or national level. It is not enough to talk to like-minded people on social media!

As I said, I truly believe that this is the most pivotal year since our founding and we must....

Save our great nation for our children and grandchildren!