Anne Sweazy-Kulju

Pacific City, Oregon

I am a mediocre psychic, although I helped my dad hit the Pick-Six 3 times, and when I dealt blackjack I could tell players if they'd be getting one. I'd had permission, but the Games Mgr told me I had to stop. Oh, some of you might think me crazy as pig knuckles. Let me tell you about "Bodie." Based on a true story (mine), 2 sisters have identical recurring dreams. They confirm a woman in the dream was murdered in 1878, in the most violent town in our history, Bodie. In places I was dead on (I know, that’s just crazy talk!) But, some of my visions regarding Bodie have been affirmed via research. Then there's "the thing with feathers." I was haunted into writing it by a photograph. Years later I visited a photographer who inherited Clyde Hudson's photographs (my character Sean‘s inspiration). When I gave her a synopsis she said, "Oh boy, I hope you don't get sued!" Huh? I modeled my character after Hudson in general ways. And Hudson wasn't married until his 80's. But she knew more of Hudson's story. When Hudson was a young man he married a pregnant girl--few knew about it and even Lorraine didn't know if Clyde was the dad. Well, the girl birthed her son and promptly ran off. Hudson tried to be a father but the girl's father thwarted every effort. Lorraine said the girl's father may have been a preacher. Can I be sued for being accidentally psychic? And I'm so God-awful at it! So maybe this is why I write historical fiction. Apparently, I can't help it.

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