Arietta Bryant

Writer, Priestess, and Teacher in England, United Kingdom

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Born in 1979, Arietta Bryant (AKA Arietta Moon) is now a Mother, Wife, Author, Artist, Wiccan High Priestess & Poet.

Arietta has been writing poetry for as long as she can remember and has always had aspirations of being a published author. She also enjoys other creative projects such as encaustic art, jewellery design, magickal sculpture, and fabric-craft.

Arietta began practising Wicca in 1995; she has since become an active member of her local Pagan community. In 2000, she set up The Children of the Sacred Laughter, a local authority sanctioned society, which, for 10 years, hosted seasonal open circles and workshops for people practising or interested in Paganism.

She is also co-founder of Moon River Wicca, a progressive Wiccan tradition that offers classes and courses both locally and internationally.

Arietta's first published anthology was entitled Ramblings & Rhymes. It represents a cross-section of some of the many poems she has written throughout her life. Most of the poems, which have made it through her personal editing procedures for the book, were written from the age of eighteen and upwards, with some written as recently as June 2011.

She went on to publish Circles of Sacred Laughter a collection of Seasonal Pagan Rituals aimed at anyone who is interested in gathering with friends to celebrate the Wheel of the Year.