Angie Del Riego

Angie Del Riego is a multitalented artist from the Dominican Republic with the ability to combine music, art and poetry, to reflect her cultural roots and her love for humanity. Largely a self-taught talent, Angie has been called a "Renaissance Woman" for her passion about her art as well as her music. She grew up accompanying herself to sing "Boleros" (Latin American love songs.) Through the passion in the bright colors of her paintings, the character of her drawings, and the expressive emotion of her songs and writings, she tells stories of life experiences that have enriched her life as an artist, as well as a person. After living in the United States for thirty years, Angie had the opportunity to fullfill a lifetime dream of visiting Spain, her father's land. She came in August 2010 and after going through the typical hurdles of a new culture, she found what we all wish for: Love. The exact place was: Extremadura (the border with Portugal), where she fell in love with both the amazing landscape and an "Extremeño", so she is now established herself in Extremadura, Spain where she continues to develop her many talents.