Arthur Freydin

entrepreneur and business leader in New York, NY

"Arthur Freydin is a performance marketing guru, entrepreneur, and company leader headquartered in New York City. For example, Freydin is the founder and CEO of Tandem Marketing, a boutique marketing firm established in 2018.

Arthur Freydin, a long-time advertising and marketing professional, uses sponsored social media advertising campaigns, primarily on Facebook and Instagram, to help eCommerce companies enhance brand awareness and sales.

Freydin and the Tandem team specialize in social media advertising and eCommerce growth consulting, taking on clients as projects with an initial ad spend as low as $3k per month and helping them scale up to more than $100,000 per month using tools like creative development, audience testing, and holistic business support.

Freydin and his team employ BASIC, a five-pillar paid advertising strategy, to help eCommerce businesses of all sizes and backgrounds scale their sales without having to worry about keeping up with the constantly changing social media landscape.

Businesses can use Arthur Freydin's tried-and-true advertising method to:

Establish their baselines and begin measuring ROI and RoAS as soon as possible.
Make ads that stand out and will help you lower your CAC and CPC.
Increase the size of successful ads while decreasing the size of ineffective ones.
Obtain critical intelligence and insight that is valued by upper management.
Collaborate with all state-holding partners, who act as a marketing extension for them.

Marketer with a lot of experience

Arthur Freydin was a high-performing executive before joining Tandem Marketing.

I was appointed as Director of Marketing Services at ECommerce Partners (2017-18), a full-service marketing agency focused in eCommerce.

From 2016 through 2017, I worked as an Ecommerce & Social Product Manager at Adworthy, a Pennsylvania eCommerce advertising startup.

From 2014 to 2016, he served as Director of Business Analytics at Beach Camera/, where he oversaw a 15-person marketing and product design team.

He worked at 2Modern as the Director of Marketing, where he was in charge of the company's whole eCommerce marketing strategy.

Freydin's other notable roles include Director of Marketing at HomeClick, LLC, Director of Online Marketing at Madison Commercial Real Estate Services, Senior Marketing Analyst at DOD Marketing, and Interactive Marketing Manager at Home Decor Products.

More information on Arthur Freydin and Tandem Marketing can be found here."

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