Arthur Freydin

entrepreneur and business leader in New York, NY

In New York City, NY, Arthur Freydin is an entrepreneur, business leader, and performance marketing professional. Notably, Freydin is the owner and CEO of Tandem Marketing, a 2018 boutique marketing agency.

Arthur Freydin, a long-time advertising and marketing expert, helps eCommerce organizations increase brand outreach and scale sales efforts through sponsored social media advertising campaigns, particularly on prominent platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Freydin and the Tandem team specialize in social media advertising and growth consulting for eCommerce businesses, taking on clients as projects with an initial ad spend as low as $3k per month and scaling up to more than $100,000 per month using tools like creative development, audience testing, and holistic business support.

Freydin and his team help eCommerce firms of all kinds and backgrounds increase their sales without constantly worrying about maintaining up to speed with the continuing changes in social media advertising by utilizing a 5-pillar paid advertising method known as BASIC.

Arthur Freydin's tried-and-true advertising technique enables businesses to:

Determine their baselines and begin measuring ROI and RoAS right away.

Create ads that stand out and help to reduce CACs and CPCs.

Increase the size of winning advertising while reducing the size of ineffective ones.

Gather practical intelligence and insight that top leadership values.

Collaborate with all state-owned partners, who act as an extension of their marketing teams.

A Strong Marketing Background

Before Tandem Marketing, Arthur Freydin achieved outstanding results as

ECommerce Partners (2017-18), a full-service ad agency specializing in eCommerce, hired me as Director of Marketing Services.

Ecommerce & Social Product Manager at Adworthy, a Pennsylvania eCommerce advertising startup (2016-17).

He was the Director of Business Analytics at Beach Camera/ from 2014 to 2016, where he oversaw a 15-person marketing and product development team.

He was the Director of Marketing at 2Modern, overseeing all of the company's eCommerce marketing initiatives.

Freydin's career includes Director of Marketing at HomeClick, LLC, Director of Online Marketing at Madison Commercial Real Estate Services, Senior Marketing Analyst at DOD Marketing, and Interactive Marketing Manager at Home Decor Products.

More information on Arthur Freydin and Tandem Marketing can be found here.

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