Arunimaa Shanker Deb

"The joy of life is not to do what u like,but to like what you do."

Straight forward,headstrong,independent women who gets emotional when it comes to her family,friends and dogs.A dreamer,loves nature and passionate about art and music.

After Completing degree in arts & 3D animation had a chance to work for my dream company UtvToons and Trine Animations as a 3D character modeler. Later on had an opportunity to work with IDSPL, one of the leading companies, where they are acclaimed for their audio guides and Sound and light show all over India.

Then in 2012 life took a wired turn, lost my dad ,then with a yr lost my younger brother then 2014 my pet. Family of five members is now left with two .

My brother and his friends were planning to start a webstore and i was helping them with the designing.But after this episode his friends didn't have that courage or strength to start that project again without him.

After lots of brain storming and discussions i planed to step-in what he planned for.Then suddenly one day i left my amazing job and planned to open a webstore.i have used initials of my brother's name (aaditya) and termed the company as aadiityadi.

Entrepreneurship is new to me,i am learning everyday.Best is i am not scared i am enjoying it.