Ashlyn S. "Ash" Hibbs

Louisiana, United States

I'm a 17-year-old amateur entomologist and author. I am a lesbian, atheist, politically loudmouthed Satanist with no room in her freezer because of all the frozen bugs.

My favorite insect order is coleoptera (typical, I know!), but I also love to collect ichneumon wasps, lepidopterans, and odonates. Although, I know very little about the last one! My favorite video games include the Silent Hill series, Pokemon series, Elder Scrolls series, Legend of Zelda series, Kirby 64, et al.

I really LOVE receiving mail of any sort, so please send me some mail via my contact info (not my home address/town)! I will also send something back to you, if you include a good return address. :)

Lots of love!

--Ash, Behind the Bug blogger

  • Work
    • Soup Kitchen Volunteer
  • Education
    • Silent Hill (homeschool)
    • (past) Rosepine Jr-Sr High
    • (past) DeRidder schools