Atelier Pictures

We are a photography and cinematography company based in Portland, Oregon. We travel worldwide to craft images and films that describe the daring, inspired, and passionate moments in your life.

An Atelier is an artists workshop. We love the word and used it to name our company because we loved it's duality. It speaks to artistic and creative side of who we are as well as the object that we ultimately are creating. We are artists, but we do not create for ourselves alone, we create works for our clients.

Jonathan and Josh work collaboratively, and bring their artistry, passion, and humor to all they do. They have been making films together since high school, and create works that show their passion for adventure, craftsmanship, and creativity. This duo is able to capture amazing photo and video.

We love shooting weddings, as well as music videos, product photos, promotional videos, etc. We seek out opportunities to tell stories about people that share our passion for life.