Lisa Deutsch Harrigan

treasurer, bookkeeper, and SF Conventions in San Jose, California

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AKA - Auntie M

About me is no longer a good spot to put all my contacts so they are now on my Website.

Non-profits I'm helping right now-
The Mythopoeic Society
San Francisco Science Fiction
Conventions, Inc.
Fanfair Music
Consonance - A Filk Convention

Love to throw parties at cons.
Good Costumer Too.

I also love my kids - Jenevieve and Harold.

Hobbies include - Going to Science Fiction Conventions,
Reading, Knitting, watching San Jose Sharks Hockey.
Go Sharks!

You met me at Bay Area Science Fantasy Assn (BASFA)
or a Science Fiction Convention.

What have you read lately?

She who dies with the most stash has wasted a lot of
knitting possibilities!

They limit my e-mail links to one - But I have so many. Here are some more -
Family - [email protected]
Mythopoeic Society - [email protected]
SFSFC - [email protected] or [email protected]

We will be leaving AT&T soon - so addresses with are being replaced. If you don't have anything else lisa.marli42 at will always work.

Yes, we own the name - and Lisa at will get to me, but it has been out in the wild for so long that it gets lots of junk. I do try to keep our website up to date with contact information.

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