Brooke Rosenblum

New York

Brooke ~ a little stream

Alexandra ~ man's defender

Rosenblum ~ an ever-flourishing rose

To resonate with a name that harnesses the definition of all that is pure and transformative, my aim is to give back to the world through my art.

I am the healing visionary.

When I'm not at my day-job serving fresh, cold-pressed organic juice to wild New Yorkers I'm serving my greatest purpose here on Mother Earth by being a photographer and energy healer. I specialize in portraiture and am always finding new ways to blend my energy healing with my favorite artistic outlet.

My main focus with healing at the present time revolves around crystals and essential oils ~ my plans are to expand into music therapy, reiki, and the tapping solution.

My style of shooting is based on the essence of organic flow. A natural-light, lifestyle portraiture artist who additionally has knowledge of studio and off-camera lighting if needed for a specific situation. I document precious memories and those moments in-between, then artistically enrich them with painterly enhancements.

Available for contact concerning session availability, pricing, or comments related to artwork. ~

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